I got to know Ms. Sikking during my time at Farel Lyceum, where she taught me Global Studies. I joined one of her travelprojects, in which we went to Ghana with a group of pupils for almost three weeks. During these weeks, Ms. Sikking supported us to raise an everlasting sense of global awareness in ourselves that I could have never imagined. Ms. Sikking motivates her students to debate the important questions of life and makes them consider their own role in it. She pays a lot of attention to subjects like poverty, unequal distribution of wealth, our consuming society and sustainability. In order to transform students into the Eco literate people this world so desperately needs, you need a teacher like Ms. Sikking. She is a true global citizen. Her knowledge of cultures all over the world is one of the true reasons why she manages to keep her pupils hooked throughout the classes. She will lively bring across all the important lessons she learned while travelling the world. I think Ms. Sikking is also a great teacher because of the bond of mutual trust she builds with her pupils. My talks with Ms. Sikking in Ghana helped me to find peace within myself. I am Ms. Sikking truly thankful for this life lesson every day. It helped me to grow as a person. I am sure that the personal attention she has for each student, teaches him/her lessons that no single school book will ever do. She motivates her students to become the best version of themselves, helps them to become critical thinkers with a sense of responsibility for the world around them and gives them the personal attention that every student needs.