In addition to being an excellent, prepared, energetic, and thoughtful educator, Kim was a constant contributor to our Green School Bali community and went above and beyond her assigned duties. Kim shines due to her personalized approach and ability to connect deeply with her students. Many of her students who previously had been reticent to share their ideas and be open in the classroom, started flourishing and engaging when taking Kim’s classes. Kim’s gracious smile, warm nature, but firm expectations stand out among her colleagues and are respected and acted upon by her students. Our curriculum is community integrated, thematic and project based, which leaves a great deal of room for creativity in planning and execution. Our approach also requires significantly more planning, collaboration, and determination than many more traditional school environments. This is an environment in which Kim thrives. Kim tackled some very difficult and important Global Studies topics. She made these types of topics relevant, age appropriate, and understandable to a wide range of students and inspired them to do what they can to make a change by raising awareness and hope. I would rehire Kim without hesitation and can recommend her highly for any future learning and educational opportunities. I am certain she will bring innovation ideas, professionalism and a new perspective to any classroom and beyond.