I am an Executive Recruitment Specialist with over 30 years of experience. The Green School Bali board contracted me to assist with the Screening, Shortlisting, Psychometric Testing and Referencing of suitable Teaching staff. It was in this screening exercise that I first connected with Kim in 2015. From the onset Kim came across as a very approachable, genuine, articulate and intelligent young woman. Her enthusiasm and zest for life is infectious. Kim impressed the panel to such an extent that a position was created specifically for her utilising her many skills and talents. The role created required Kim to work across our K-12 school interacting with students of all levels and ages in the formation of learning and mentoring programmes, teaching, organising challenges and events. Having carried out Kim’s references for Green School Bali, I can say that I spoke with 3 highly skilled and accomplished Education specialists who all recommended Kim without reservation. Kim is a lovely young lady, who I hold in high esteem and I know she will go on to do ‘great things’ in the education sector and any area that she chooses to work and live in.