Als docent (MA, eerstegraads) en cultureel antropoloog / socioloog (MA), houd ik mij sinds 2010 bezig met het internationaliseren van onderwijs. Ik organiseerde vele uitwisselingsprojecten en reizen voor verschillende onderwijsinstellingen. In het hoger onderwijs doceerde ik Interculturele Communicatie en in het (tweetalige) voortgezet onderwijs o.a. Europese & Internationale Oriëntatie en Maatschappijwetenschappen.

Met veel passie heb ik mij ook altijd ingezet voor het integreren voor mindfulness, yoga en duurzaamheid in onderwijscurriculum. Ik ben een gecertificeerd yoga docent en mindfulness trainer voor jongeren (Centrum voor Mindfulness), en een gecertificeerde ‘Green Educator’ na cursussen en uitgebreide werkervaring via Green School Bali (Green School International).

Op aanvraag organiseer ik onderstaande (online) workshops en projecten. Ook begeleid ik reizen naar Bali waar jongeren verblijven in lokale gastgezinnen, samenwerken met leeftijdsgenoten en veel leren over het Hindoeïsme op Bali.

Het thema internationalisering kent vele aspecten en één daarvan is kennismaken en kunnen omgaan met andere leefwerelden, andere culturen, zowel in andere landen als in Nederland. Contact en uitwisseling met leeftijdsgenoten in het buitenland, is een belangrijke manier om deze kennis in de praktijk toe te passen en interculturele vaardigheden te verwerven.


Keuze uit 2 workshops:
2x blokuur (100 min.) incl. presentatie
1x blokuur (100 min.)



Discussie lessen
2x blokuur (100 min.)



Leerlinggestuurd project
6x blokuur (100 min.) incl. presentatie



HAVO 3-5 / (T)VWO 3-4 / MBO

2x, 3x of 4x blokuur (100 min.) eventueel incl. PO en cijfer



HAVO 5 / (T)VWO 5-6 / MBO / HBO

2x blokuur (100 min) eventueel incl. PO
Gebaseerd op Hofstede's theorie



VO JAAR 4-6 / MBO / HBO / WO

1, 2 of 3 weken
Ervaren reisbegeleiding
Culturele uitwisseling met leeftijdsgenoten


Loes de Smet
Ging mee met een jongerenreis die Kim organiseerde en begeleidde


I got to know Ms. Sikking during my time at Farel Lyceum, where she taught me Global Studies. I joined one of her travelprojects, in which we went to Ghana with a group of pupils for almost three weeks. During these weeks, Ms. Sikking supported us to raise an everlasting sense of global awareness in ourselves that I could have never imagined. Ms. Sikking motivates her students to debate the important questions of life and makes them consider their own role in it. She pays a lot of attention to subjects like poverty, unequal distribution of wealth, our consuming society and sustainability. In order to transform students into the Eco literate people this world so desperately needs, you need a teacher like Ms. Sikking. She is a true global citizen. Her knowledge of cultures all over the world is one of the true reasons why she manages to keep her pupils hooked throughout the classes. She will lively bring across all the important lessons she learned while travelling the world. I think Ms. Sikking is also a great teacher because of the bond of mutual trust she builds with her pupils. My talks with Ms. Sikking in Ghana helped me to find peace within myself. I am Ms. Sikking truly thankful for this life lesson every day. It helped me to grow as a person. I am sure that the personal attention she has for each student, teaches him/her lessons that no single school book will ever do. She motivates her students to become the best version of themselves, helps them to become critical thinkers with a sense of responsibility for the world around them and gives them the personal attention that every student needs.

Joop van Hout
Ging mee met een jongerenreis die Kim begeleidde


I know Kim as a very involved colleague. In the past I organised a trip to Cape Verde with her, where we took a group of high school students with us. During the preparation for this trip, Kim clearly showed that she was in control, which was confirmed again during the trip. In addition to being personally interested in the people around her and giving them attention, she is also very skilled at the organisational level. I hope to accompany a school trip with her again in the near future.

Leslie Medema
Was Kim's leidinggevende - Green School - Bali, Indonesië (Head of School)


In addition to being an excellent, prepared, energetic, and thoughtful educator, Kim was a constant contributor to our Green School Bali community and went above and beyond her assigned duties. Kim shines due to her personalized approach and ability to connect deeply with her students. Many of her students who previously had been reticent to share their ideas and be open in the classroom, started flourishing and engaging when taking Kim's classes. Kim’s gracious smile, warm nature, but firm expectations stand out among her colleagues and are respected and acted upon by her students. Our curriculum is community integrated, thematic and project based, which leaves a great deal of room for creativity in planning and execution. Our approach also requires significantly more planning, collaboration, and determination than many more traditional school environments. This is an environment in which Kim thrives. Kim tackled some very difficult and important Global Studies topics. She made these types of topics relevant, age appropriate, and understandable to a wide range of students and inspired them to do what they can to make a change by raising awareness and hope. I would rehire Kim without hesitation and can recommend her highly for any future learning and educational opportunities. I am certain she will bring innovation ideas, professionalism and a new perspective to any classroom and beyond.

Otila Osborne
Green School - Bali, Indonesië (Recruiter)


I am an Executive Recruitment Specialist with over 30 years of experience. The Green School Bali board contracted me to assist with the Screening, Shortlisting, Psychometric Testing and Referencing of suitable Teaching staff. It was in this screening exercise that I first connected with Kim in 2015. From the onset Kim came across as a very approachable, genuine, articulate and intelligent young woman. Her enthusiasm and zest for life is infectious. Kim impressed the panel to such an extent that a position was created specifically for her utilising her many skills and talents. The role created required Kim to work across our K-12 school interacting with students of all levels and ages in the formation of learning and mentoring programmes, teaching, organising challenges and events. Having carried out Kim’s references for Green School Bali, I can say that I spoke with 3 highly skilled and accomplished Education specialists who all recommended Kim without reservation. Kim is a lovely young lady, who I hold in high esteem and I know she will go on to do ‘great things’ in the education sector and any area that she chooses to work and live in.

Renée van den Berg
Was Kim's leidinggevende - Farel Lyceum - Ridderkerk, Nederland (Teamleider Tweetalig Onderwijs)


Kim has an enormous passion for young people. This passion is reflected in the way that she interacts with pupils and that pupils interact with her. She is always willing to spend her break time chatting to pupils with problems and also spends time after school helping pupils with problems related to school work or with personal problems. Kim is a person of high integrity. Her colleagues and pupils trust her fully and she is always prepared to help anyone professionally and also personally. In meetings about pupils’ progress Kim shows that she knows her pupils’ academic progress and development as well as their personal development intimately. Kim developed an excellent curriculum and both Dutch and English lesson material in which she does not just teach pupils the facts about her subject, but instils in her pupils an understanding of other cultures and compassion for those less fortunate than themselves. Kim has also organised trips for our pupils to several West-African countries to work and live with local young people their age and to do voluntary work with local NGOs. I can highly recommend Kim. I know she has a dream and a passion for this type of work.

Hans Lesterhuis
Was Kim's leidinggevende - Stichting BOOR - Rotterdam, Nederland (Bovenschools directeur)


Kim had the task to coordinate extracurricular programs for our children. She has the ability to seek challenges in every child and she brings confidence into the lives of many children who suffer from various behavioral problems. She has an excellent performance in developing and maintaining good contact with parents, teachers, social workers, counselors and above all the children. Kim is very precise and accurate in her work and absolutely dedicated to the job. As a person I remember Kim as a very approachable person with a very fine character. She is highly educated, very social and very dedicated. She is a team player and she is able to inspire team members. She sometimes forgets herself because of her full commitment and dedication to the job.

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